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The Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai Canada insignia represents the back of the fist as seen when executing a Furi-Uchi . This is appropriate because Furi-Uchi is a hard move (typical of Okinawan Shorei-Ryu) that travels a circular path (typical of Chinese Kung-Fu). The blend of Okinawan Shorei-Ryu and Chinese Kung-Fu is fundamental to the roots of Goju-Ryu.

The fist itself illustrates the force of hard aspect (Go) of Goju and the waves that contain and radiate the force exhibit the soft (Ju) aspect.

The black waves represent the basic levels of expertise. The first is a coarse line that represents the beginner level. Next is a finer line representing a more intermediate level, followed by a still finer and more graceful line signifying an advanced level and, last, the refined, supple line representing an accomplished practitioner.

The fist area can also be interpreted to be an island and the waves to be ocean waves, representing the Island Nation or original source of the training.

The colours of white, black, and red are significant in that the white represents the beginner, black represents the practitioner, and red indicates the master. Theses belt colours represent the chain of progression. Further, the colour white can represent the purity of spirit, the colour black representing the recognition of this reality, and the colour red representing the upper levels of enlightenment.

Upon contemplation even more of the story of Goju-Ryu can be found in this insignia, some are obvious and others become so after years of study.

The G.K.K. Canada Crest

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